290W OEM: Solar Panel 290W Mono Crystalline


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General Data
• Cell Type: Mono Crystalline Cell (158.75mm x 158.75mm)
• Number of Cells: 54 (PERC, 5 Bus Bar)
• Connectors / Cable: IP65 3 Bypass Diodes / 1.1m cable
• 0/+5WP Positive Tolerance
• Rooftop and Off-Grid Design
• Cell Colour: Black
• Frame Colour: Natural Anodized Aluminum (Silver)
• Glass: Single Glass
• Connector: MC4

Electric Performance
• Module Type: 290WP
• Nominal Power: 29.88V DC
• Maximum Power Current: 9.71A DC
• Open Circuit Voltage: 36.70V DC
• Short Circuit Current: 10.30A DC

• Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
• Maximum System Voltage: 1000V DC

Safety Ratings
• IEC 61215
• IEC 61730


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