AC LED Volt Meter AC LED Volt Meter 230V Red


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Very easy to use and fit. This digital ammeter can measure up to 100 amperes. Ideal to monitor power usage e.g. 220V x 10A = 2200W. These units look great and have a back nut to fit as a panel-mounted meter., giving it a professional installation look.

Note: This Amp meter will not measure amps below 1.5A it will display zero when the amps are lower than 1.5A

Technical Specification:

  • Material: Electrical components
  • Color: Red
  • 22mm Digital Display
  • Voltage Measuring Range: AC 50~220V
  • Current Measuring Range: 0~100A
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Size: 28.3×51.4mm
  • Installation Diameter: 20.3/0.8mm


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