Flexopower NAMIB-150W Teflon Folable Solar panel only


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Teflon (ETFE) module encapsulation. Best encapsulation for portable solar panels.

Shingled solar cell technology. More power per m2 and better suited against losses from partial shading.

  • Shingled solar cells are connected in groups and configured in parallel, greatly reducing losses from partial shading (other panels typically have their cells wired in series, causing significant losses if part of the panel is shaded).
  • Shingled solar cells reduce the spacing between the cells, no silver metal strips running across the panel, reducing the footprint of the panel. Smaller panel = less packing space.
  • What is shingled solar cell technology?
  • Fabric color: the solar panel’s color is grey, absorbing less heat from the sun, thus less output losses than solar panels built in black fabric.
  • Supporting legs: collapsible supporting legs angle the solar panels at 45 degrees against the sun for improved solar harvesting, especially during winter months and low sun settings.
  • Securing solar panel: fabric loops allow securing.
  • Quality assurance: each solar panel has its own unique serial number making it traceable through the entire manufacturing and QC process.
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  • 1 year warranty
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