Lemoen: Battery Lithium Ion LIFE5 5.12KWH 51.2V 100Ah (Slim-Line Wall Mount)


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  1. All LEMOEN batteries use  LifePO4 cells, our cell manufacturer is the leader in cell manufacturing for EV and Energy Storage batteries in the world.
  2. Excellent BMS design, with a 10 Year Cell Warranty & 5 Year BMS Warranty.
  3. Got positive and negative short circuit protection on the BMS.
  4. Lemoen high quality and durable BMS got communication with most Inverter manufactures.
  5. Can be Paralleled up to 15 units.
  6. Lemoen 11CM Slim line design that gives the least obstruction.
  7. 1C charge and discharge rate.
  8. Lemoen battery is design for a long service life, beyond 15 years.