Shoto: Battery Lithium Ion HP10-Box5 Pro 5.12KWH 51.2V 100Ah


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Offers more than 5000 cycles with 80% DOD. Typically 10+ years lifespan, designed to provide remarkable reliability and value for money.

This battery is ideal for most universal Hybrid inverters and ideally suites mostly Victron, Sofar, Deye, and Growat amongst others. Due to it its resilience and robust construction we highly recommend this battery. The scalable design offers ease of installation as it provides for rack mounting systems. Scalability is provided by the fact that you can parallel up to 16 of these batteries. With a DOD of 80%, this battery can with ease handle more than 5000 cycles.

General Data
• Model: HP10-Box 5
• Nominal Capacity (kWh): 5.12
• Depth of Charge: 80%
• Usable Capacity (kWh): 4.1
• Charge Voltage: 54.0V – 56.4V
• Discharge Voltage: 45.0V – 53.0V
• Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
• Maximum Parallel Units: 16
• Charge / Discharge Current: Recommend 50A (0.5C) / Max 100A (1C)
• Communication Port: CAN / RS485
• Storage -20°C to +35°C
• Humidity: 5%-95%
• Altitude: ≤ 4000m
• Certificate: TUV(IEC 62619)/CE-EMC/UN38.3

Rated Operating Temperature
• Charge -5°C to +45°C
• Discharge -20°C to +50°C

Recommended Operating Temperature
• Charge +15°C to 35°C
• Discharge +15°C to +35°C

Compatible Inverters
• Growatt, Goodwe, Victron, Deye, Sofar, Luxpower & more