Victor: 3.5KW ECO Off Grid Inverter – VOC: 160VDC Battery: 24VDC (Excludes Warranty)


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General Data
• Pure Sine Wave
• Power Factor 1.0
• Built-in MPPT 60A
• PV Input Voltage 30VDC-160VDC
• Detachable Dust Cover for harsh environment
• WiFi Remote Monitoring optional
• Support multiple Output Priority: UTL, SOL, SBU

Victor 1-Year Exchange Warranty
• Victor Inverters are sold as standard without a Warranty
• 1-Year Exchange Warranty is available at an additional cost
(Contact your Sales Consultant)
• 1-Year Exchange Warranty must be sold at the same time as the Inverter in order to be valid
• Victor Inverter & Exchange Warranty must be on the same Invoice as proof of Warranty
• 1-Year Exchange Warranty will only cover Manufacturer defects for a period of 1 year from date of sale
• 1-Year Exchange Warranty is only valid for Inverters that have been correctly installed by qualified technicians
• Inverters that have been abused or incorrectly installed will not be covered by the 1-Year Exchange Warranty


Datasheet: Victor 3.5KW ECO Off Grid Inverter – VOC 160VDC Battery 24VDC (SE3500-24L) (Excludes Warranty)


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